Private brand cooperative agent

Exported to 55 + countries

Fujian new YIFA group is committed to building a global and strategic sales network, through the world exhibition, international electric business platform, enhance brand awareness, and get the trademark registration more than 50 countries around the world, to improve the brand awareness. Its products are exported to 55 countries around the world and have reached long-term strategic cooperation with many overseas well-known brands.

“PALMBABY” is based in Russia, becoming the first Chinese baby care product brand to sell well in Russia.


Baby Care

Over the years, we have been committed to producing baby diapers, baby cleaning and care,maternal care and other pregnant and infant products.

We always give priority to the baby's health and control every quality detail.

  • Palmbaby
  • Moni Happy
  • Palmlove P
  • ZH

Adult Care

"Care for the elderly, happy family" is our brand concept, focusing on the research and development of health care products for the elderly, customized production of adult diapers, pull pants, nursing pads, diapers, wet wipes, etc. 

  • PalmJoy
  • HappyJoy

Personal Care / Household Care

According to different needs, we can produce household daily chemical products such as tissue paper, roll paper, functional wet wipes, disposable products and cleaning products, hoping to let you enjoy a diversified, fashionable and high-quality home life experience

  • Palmlove

Feminine Care

Women's health can not be ignored, no matter during pregnancy or menstruation, it is particularly important to choose the right sanitary napkin, menstruation pants and other products.your health is guarded by us.

  • Palmlady

Medical Care

We can produce disposable medical surgical masks, protective masks, kn95 masks, children's hygiene masks, sterilized wet wipes, alcohol cotton sheets and other epidemic prevention materials and products to provide scientific protection.

  • Medical Care