Research & Development

Professional R&D team with more than 15 years experience in research and development of sanitary product


Suitable for sterility inspection of medical device products after sterilization to ensure that the products can meet the requirement of sterility.


Used for microbiological testing. Ensure that products meet health standards.


Leading Technology And r&d Technology

New Yifa actively researches and develops and introduce the latest international technology.It develops environmental protection process formulas with a number of scientific research institutions and upstream enterprises, and continuously makes breakthroughs in new product development and technological innovation. The company has obtained a number of patented intellectual property rights and owns standard configuration of the provincial technical center which helps the company to enhance the international competitiveness of products and strengthen the alliance.

International Top Production Facilities

The company owns leading production workshops in the industry, international high-precision production lines, complete technical psychological laboratories and 1,0000-level (some are 100-level) microbiological testing laboratories.Also,it implements standardized management of production operations and raw material systems, implements QC and carries out strict quality management over IQC, IPQC and FQC quality control points to ensure safety, hygiene and comfort.

Strict Inspection And Control To Guarantee The Quality

The choice of each raw material, every perfect process, and every dedicated employee help ensuring the product quality of the company. It represents the responsibility of New Yifa to consumers. New Yifa people are committed to bringing softer and more comfortable product experience to customers and caring for every consumer.

Floor area:1200 square meters | Medical device germfree laboratory | International standardized physical chemistry laboratory | Microbiological laboratory | Xianda antibacterial technology research institute | Counseling Unit of the National Pulp and Paper Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center | Provincial functional wet wipes enterprise engineering technology research center | City technology research center |60 patented technologies

Patented Technologies